Norma Desmond stands at the top of an extravagant staircase. The once-rapturous commotion from the barrage of policemen and gossipers that litter the actress’s mansion has ceased, leaving only Norma in an awkward silence as prepares to descend down the steps of her home and give one final, fabulous performance.

“What is the scene?” she asks the director, just before throwing out an even more troubling (and telling) question: “Where am I?”

“This is the staircase of the palace,” answers legendary filmmaker Cecil B. DeMille.

“Oh, yes…yes,” says Norma as a manic look cements itself on a face completely removed…

How Dostoevsky and ironic process theory can help us understand Nicholas’s journey

David Fincher’s The Game is full of twists and turns from start to finish. At no point during our initial viewing of the film are we sure what is real and what is fake—in other words, what isn’t part of “the game” and what is. And because of that, the plot of The Game can feel abstract and difficult to crack.

Once we finish the movie, however…the plot of The Game is pretty straightforward, right? Seemingly, everything is explained at the end by Nicholas’s brother, Conrad. For the entire film, Conrad tells Nicholas that everything has been planned out. While…

As racial tensions continue to grip the United States, we’ve witnessed several parties feel the growing movement’s wrath. The Flash star Hartley Sawyer was fired due to his offensive tweets, Fox cancelled it’s long-running and highly profitable program Cops, and President Donald Trump has experienced a dramatic shift in the polls.

But perhaps one of the most significant moments came when the newly established HBO Max pulled one of this country’s most famously racist movies, Gone With the Wind, from its digital library.

With Da 5 Bloods hitting Netflix on Friday, I can’t help but think of Spike Lee’s last…

On the 15th anniversary of the 1996 Woodsboro massacre, Jenny Randall and Marnie Cooper—two students at Woodsboro High School—are brutally murdered. And it just so happens that the woman at the center of the original massacre, Sidney Prescott, is back in her hometown. Needless to say, she becomes the main suspect of the killings.

What seems like nothing more than a simple plot device to kickstart a movie is actually an incredibly clever, satiric take on movie remakes. In Scream 4, Sidney isn’t just back in her hometown for the first time in many years—the killer is back. The movie…

On May 16, 2002, Star Wars: Attack of the Clones made its theatrical debut. Set ten years after the events of the first Star Wars prequel film The Phantom Menace, the latest project from the visionary mind of George Lucas was all anybody talked about that summer. One firm predicted that companies would lose more than $320 million in productivity because so many employees would call in sick in order to attend a screening. That year, Attack of the Clones generated $310.7 million in the U.S. (which currently ranks 81st on the all-time domestic box office list) and $653.8 …

“Cross the room if you like candy,” says Samantha.

Nick stares into oblivion.

“OK, well how about something harder. Cross the room if you’ve ever been in love.”

Nick remains stoic, but reality creeps into his wistful eyes.

“Cross the room if you’ve ever lied. Cross the room if you’ve ever not gotten along with your family members. Cross the room if you’ve ever been blamed for something you didn’t do.”

Slowly but surely life seeps back into Nick as he crosses the room back and forth, back and forth, back and forth with his classmates. This truth. That truth…

After premiering at Sundance Film Festival last month, Horse Girl made its streaming debut on Netflix today. The film starring Alison Brie became available this morning—and yeah, it’s a doozy. What seems like a simple set-up about mental illness at first quickly becomes a rabbit hole of sci-fi jargon and conspiracy theories.

Brie’s character, Sarah, opens the film as a seemingly awkward, lonely girl who has trouble making friends—a common struggle for many. But the strange, surreal path Sarah takes us down is anything but relatable. She wakes up in the middle of the night in random places; she has…

Last year was one hell of a time for Disney, right? Moving past juggernauts like The Lion King and Frozen 2, 2019 was the fifth straight year that saw a Star Wars film: The Rise of Skywalker. It was also a year that saw three new additions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (although one of those wasn’t a Disney film), including the top-grossing movie of all time, Avengers: Endgame.

But as we enter 2020…there are no Star Wars movie planned. And we’re only getting two Marvel movies, one of which is a comic book most of us have never heard…


Ki-taek lays lifelessly on ground, staring into the sky as his eyes glaze over. His home, his belongings, his entire identity has drowned in a sea of sewage that has overtaken the grimy, dank alleyways where he and his small family reside in their South Korean city.

Hopeful for a solution that will solve all their problems, Ki-taek’s son Ki-woo asks if his father has a plan.

“Ki-woo, do you know what kind of plan never fails?” Ki-taek asks. “No plan at all. If you make a plan, life will never work out that way.”

Ki-woo and his…

Following the release of Man of Steel back in 2013, director Zack Snyder took pen to paper and outlined what he believed would become the basis of the DC Extended Universe: a five-film blueprint that continued with Batman v Superman and closed out with an epic Justice League trilogy.

And…well. Many of us know what happened from there (as is well detailed in this Wall Street Journal piece). After Batman v Superman was universally panned by critics, the Justice League trilogy was effectively stripped from Snyder’s grasp. After a family tragedy removed the polarizing director from post-production, Warner Bros. brought…

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